Banking and Blockchain Solutions
for the Cannabis Industry

Staack delivers empowering financial technology to cannabis operators by seamlessly integrating secure cash transportation, financial services, and state regulatory solutions in an easy-to-use interface from seed-to-sale.

Digital Banking

Checking & Savings

Wire Transfers & ACH

Staack Debit Card

KYC, Anti-Money-Laundering, and Advanced Fraud Protection

Chain Solutions

Integration with Metrc for Seed-to-Sale Tracking and Compliance

Cash <-> FIAT <-> Crypto Conversion

Multi-currency Crypto Wallet

Transactionality in USD and multiple Stable and Crypto Currencies

Send Money and

Make payments


Send money directly to other Staack Accounts with Nominal Fees

Send or receive payments instantly

Point-of-Banking & Payment Processing

Reach Financial Goals

by Staacking

Staack helps with Business Budgeting: Savings, inventory, tax, investment, and payroll

Use smart contracts for automatic asset allocation, inventory management, and tax payments

Portfolio Management - make active and passive investments

Armored Car

Cash Pick-up

Schedule safe, on-site pick-ups according to your cash requirement needs

Book off-site pick-ups to your partner facilities and other vendors

Communicate with your driver (and other depositors) with in-app messaging

Monitor your cash en route and receive deposits within one business day

About us

We are Staack, and we believe that using duffle bags to facilitate Cannabis banking is a bit outdated.

We’re a California & NYC-based FinTech company and we provide mobile banking and payment solutions to the Cannabis Industry.

We pride ourselves on financial transparency, secure technology, and compliance for all seed-to-sale transactions in the US.

our Weed Paper

Staack wouldn’t be here without the help of our partners.

Staack helps agile cannabis companies remain competitive through innovative and customer-focused financial products. By combining professional cannabis insight and digital expertise, we’re transforming banking for the cannabis space as we know it.

"We dont compete. We connect."

Can your business benefit from Staack's banking and blockchain solutions?

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