We’re Staack, and we believe that using duffle bags to facilitate cannabis banking is a bit outdated.

We provide cannabis businesses with access to stable, secure, transparent, state-of-the-art financial services.

"We don't compete. We connect."

We are a California & NYC-based fintech company in the challenger banking space with hands-on cannabis-finance consultancy experience.

We pride ourselves on financial transparency, secure technology, and total compliance for all seed-to-sale transactions in the US.

Problem VS Solution Statement

We tackle the challenge of multi-transactional efficacy in all-cash businesses by empowering every step of the process: from recollection, transportation, vaulting, deposit, and validation to FIAT into cryptocurrency swapping and instantanous peer-to-peer trading powers.

New Banking for a New Industry

Staack bridges the banking gap for cannabis stakeholders by providing supreme accountability, traceability, and legibility in the form of a neobank and crypto marriage. Fintech at its greatest form aiming at the cannabis industry.

Unified Platform

By seamlessly integrating off and on-chain banking and logistics in a user-friendly solution, we deliver the best of both worlds to your Cannabis business.

Tech-Forward Banking

We make it easy to check account balances, exchange money, and budget directly in the Staack App! Checking, Savings, and Debit cards included!

Security & Control

We use bank-grade encryption to ensure all transactions are secure and adaptive authentication if we sense any unusual activity coming from the account.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the way of the future. It allows us to stay secure, submit payments and it directly syncs with your Metrc account to monitor all seed-to-sale transactions.

Pay Anyone, Anytime

Now you can facilitate banking and pay anyone directly if they have a bank account. Do they accept crypto? Great! We can help facilitate the exchange.

Staack wouldn’t be here without the help of our partners.

Staack helps agile cannabis companies remain competitive through innovative and customer-focused financial products. By combining professional cannabis insight and digital expertise, we’re transforming banking for the cannabis space as we know it.

Can your business benefit from Staack's banking and blockchain solutions?

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